Prices of algae

All products are completely organic

Rizjolbak Parsian knowledge-based company

Manufacturer of microalgae

Government customers

Guilan Rice Research Center

Enrichment of rice fields

Fisheries Organization

Live feed for baby larvae


Various types of research work and student projects

Some private clients

Hydroponic fish farms in Gilan and Mazandaran provinces

Enrichment and fertility of hydrothermal fish ponds: Dr. Samiei collection 

Fariborz Hoshyar, Gholamnejad brothers, Sirus Madadi and…

Livestock, poultry and aquaculture factories

Gilak Daneh Factory, Etihad Factory

Common projects

Vice President for Science and Technology

Biotechnology Development Headquarters

Gilan Science and Technology Park

Prosperity and Innovation Fund

Gilan Non-Governmental Research and Technology Fund

Fund to support the development of research and technology in the agricultural sector

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